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  • Letter to Shareholders

    LAS VEGAS, NV (Market wire – December 15, 2014) – National Automation Services, Inc. (“NAS”) (OTCQB: NASV) a small, but rapidly growing oil and gas services company has issued this informational letter to National Automation Services shareholders, which does not constitute an offer or invitation to sell, purchase or subscribe for any securities, or the… Read more »

Key Advantages of Working with National Automation Services

Grow into a nationally recognized and respected company with shared resources and a nationwide network.

The benefits below outline the areas in which the merger of your company into the NAS family would create a bigger, stronger company with the national presence to expand your client base and increase your revenue.


  • Increased access to financial markets through the holding company.
  • Strengthen distribution network, essentially expanding your sales channels.
  • Vault your production rate and revenue within the first 12 months.
  • Expand your client base by being a nationally recognized, large systems integrator.
  • Obtain business development and strategic planning to give you the local advantage.
  • Obtain lucrative long-term growth strategy with corporate operation assistance and  production improvement.
  • Reduce competition and increase market power.
  • Increase network, exposure and target market with multiple marketing channels: Direct  mailings to prospective customers, e-mail marketing, advertisement with selected websites,  trade publication, and trade show participation.
  • Ultimately, the resources of Corporate NAS are to benefit the customer and ensure the  highest of quality, with NAS remaining the industry leader.
  • Convert years of sweat equity into liquid asset.